Program’s founder and curator, Drew Bennett, recently explained that the mission of the program is to create a corporate environment rich in art, and more specifically, rich in a way that positively impacts the work experience. The selection process for artists is currently done largely in-house, but once the structure of the program becomes more formalized, he expects that process to evolve as well. His longer-term vision is more along the lines of being able to demonstrate that a workplace filled with art and with access to artists can actually benefit a company in tangible ways, particularly with respect to how much employees value working there, and how productive they are. But he goes even further than that as he shares his thoughts about integrating art not only into the culture at Facebook but also more broadly into people’s everyday lives. As for the current creative state of affairs at the facilities, there’s plenty of art to enjoy, as you’ll see in the images below, and plenty more on the way. It’s installed in reception areas, hallways, stairwells, on the surfaces of floors, hanging from ceilings, and even some of the furnishings and decorations have been made by artists.