Approximately 11,496 Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG- 21) planes were built by the USSR, many of which are still in service today in countries as diverse as North Korea, Libya, Iraq, India, Cuba, Egypt, Mozambique, Serbia, Yemen, Russia, and Ukraine. The WMP Trilogy MiG-21 is Number 8971, owned by the Polish Air Force and brought to Los Angeles to be transformed into a symbol of collaborative peace and resistance against violence. 

Cataloging the journey of the MiG-21, from Russia to Poland to Los Angeles and then eventually back to Europe in the form of funds gifted to the Ukrainian people is an effort to highlight the narrative of global warfare and the network of corruption inherent in running the business of war. In line with other humanitarian efforts incorporated into the WMP Trilogy as a whole, Ralph Ziman sees this as a direct gift from the people of Africa to the people of Ukraine.