The MiG-21 Project partners with DTCare, a subsidiary of the DTGruelle Group of Companies, which operates with a focus on humanitarian projects in the developing world. DTCare provides unique expertise and understanding of strategic and geopolitical concerns to help us coordinate the operations and logistics of moving the MiG-21 jet as well as the SPOEK 1 Casspir vehicle around as it travels the world. 

DTCare currently is and has been logistically supporting the MiG-21 Project, not only with the procurement of the aircraft itself, but all associated logistics, parts, all forms of fabrication as well as any required maintenance and construction for static display purposes. 

In staying true to their mission to end generational suffering, DTCare is sponsoring the formal education of 19 of the beading artists’ children as part of their Education Sponsorship Program in Zimbabwe and South Africa, giving them the opportunity at a better life.

DTCare is a nonprofit organization working to uplift the world’s most vulnerable communities. The organization’s Ukrainian crisis relief efforts are dedicated to supporting and aiding Ukrainians during the ongoing crisis. More at